Pendlestar Birmans


Welcome to Pendlestar Birmans. We hope you enjoy looking through our website.

The first Birman to take over the household was Pr Miorama Mitsouko in 1979 - a lovely blue point boy bred by Vivienne Creasey. He was shown as a neuter and gained his Premiership in the last show where seal and blues were judged together. Next in 1986 came Lucy our foundation queen - Belleview Blue Tiffany bred by well respected judge David Redfeldt.  Pendlestar Birmans came into being. We’ve never looked back, loving every minute of caring for all our precious cats.

Gorgeous seal boy available  - nice markings

The ‘Pendlestars’ live in rural Suffolk and all our kittens are born and raised in the family home - a 17th century beamed cottage. Our mum makes sure that we are always very well integrated with children and other felines too before we leave to go to our new homes.
Pendlestar Gorgeous George born 3/10/2011